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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Burling Hull Q&A Act
The booklet is an extact from a greater book by Hull called The World of Mentalism.

This extract is the foundation of the Night Club Act he did using his 'tent' cards. Bruling gives the beginner the starting point. That is "How do I learn where to start answering the spectator's question?" That start has to be the 'general' subject of the question and Bruling gives a very good pointer on that subject.

He then gives a sample question and breaks it down as he 'answers' the question. He shows that any question can be broken down tha way and sound like ther is way more to the question than there is.

Here is the question: "Will I visit my brother in Chicago?" Burlings firs statment: "Your question has to do with travel, right?" Then he moves on saying "Send me that thought!", as he states anothe piece. Each piece has that statement in front sounding like there is a lot to the question.

However he NEVER really answers the question. In this sample question his last Statement is, "I hope you have a wonderful time when you visit your brother in Chicago!" So we see that he simply 'feeds back' the info from the question. That is the method used by a lot of big Mentalist from the past and today, Dunninger among them. Many mentalist who stay away from Q&A for the reason that they do not want to tell spectators what to do, use the 'feed back' method. After all we are just reading minds not fortune tellers! Right!

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