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Pitch Books
Back of the house sales are not to be dismissed as only something pitchmen do. For those that may not be familiar with the term, "Back of the house" sales or BOH refers to the selling of additional products after the show. The name "house" refers to a theater. Today most Mentalist and Psychic performers work in banquet rooms, therefore, today the same thing is referred to as, "Back of the room" or BOR. Many people want to take away something to remember the show, and this is where your opportunity to increase your income lies.

Many commercial shows sell T-shirts or posters. Shows like singing groups or plays offer programs also shirts and posters of their show or CDs and DVDs, and this is where pitch books would come in for Mentalist and Magicians.

A book on a subject similar to what you performed in your show is natural for people to want to take away. It may or may not be from your show or act, but in many cases, it is related to Mentalism, Magic or allied arts. On this page are listed several books that will be available from us, for your use.

The books will come to you via E-mail in a locked Adobe PDF format. They will have your name as author and will not have a price list anywhere on the book unless you ask for it. Therefore you may price them as you see fit for the venue you are working. You might even wish to give them away as gifts or premiums. This is left up to you

All printers such as FedEx Kinko's©, Office Max©, and Office Depot© and Staples© will be able to read the files and can print from them in any quantity you wish. Also you may have them bound in a manor and style of your chose. Stapled, comb bound or as an expensive book. You can even print them on your computer. You have total flexibility.

Today I'm recommending that my buyers use a service that will "burn" their books to a CD. That has several advantages. First, the buyers have no idea how many pages your book has. Second the cost. Today there are companies that will burn, label both the disc and the case and seal it in clear plastic for less than printing. My last check was about $1.75 per disc.at Kunaki.com

Years ago Bob Nelson sold these kinds of books, but he printed them in predetermined quantities. Even if you didn't want one hundred copies that were what you received and paid for. And he bound them as he saw fit. Buying our books in PDF ensures that you will get exactly the amount and style that fits your needs. You pay Carlyle only once and they are yours. If the PDF file is lost or damaged, a replacement PDF file can be made for you at no cost!

When I first sold books, many a show I took in more money in book sales than from my performance. So check the titles and be sure to check for new titles as they are added and become available to this catalog.
We also sell three (3) different "Ticking" sheets. They all work with a very simple code to tell you which little boxes to check off as you do a reading. The reading is made very easy because of the easy to use code.

When ordering please enclose a Back Story or Bio,
though we have a stock bio if you don't have one. It shows that your more than a performer, but also an Author. Contact information such as address, phone number and or E-Mail address & Web Site URL will be needed, but you decide which you want on your Bio. Also a photo (Bust Shot) of as high a quality as possible as printing degrades the photos. I can 'crop' it the shot you have has other itens or people you don't want. Also what name do you wish to use? Your real name or a 'stage' name?
Yes for the first time a pitch book that you, the Mentalist, can sell that does not give away that you are useing tricks! There are NO tricks or effects!
Edited by Loren Tindall
This New book tells the reader the history, use and how to make a pendulum.
"Palmistry, Love & You" is a book that covers the history of palmistry and how to interpret the lines in your hand. In addition, there is a chapter on "How Can Palmistry Help Me Find My One True Love?"
It is a widely known that the Horoscope section of the daily newspaper is one of the most read sections in any paper. This is a simple, clean and easy to understand book.

"Love & Your Lucky Numbers" is the sixth release in the "Instant Author" Series of books designed for busy professionals like yourself.
Dreams, Omens & Superstitions

"Dreams, Omens & Superstitions" is a book that covers the history of dream interpretation and how to remember you're important dreams.
Simply Tarot

It's here, the long-awaited companion book to Simply Palmistry by author Al Williams. All the cards of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck are illustrated
Simply Palmistry

Written by the world renown author Al Williams, this book of 36 pages in 8 X 10 format, will excite your buyers once the look through its pages.
Your Solar Zodiac Chart

This chart has not been offered before as I have held it for only those that I felt would really use it for their work. It's too good to just throw around.
Handwriting Ticking Sheets

Through this is not a book, it belongs here because they are a great back of the house or room sales items.With these sheets, you will be able to do readings as a "stand-alone" date or as an "after the show" ...
Magic as a Hobby

For those of you that still do magic acts, here is a pitch book for you. This book is a re-work of a book sold by Bob Nelson years ago But updated. There are NO cigarette effect etc.
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