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Seance Effects and Equipment

The Spirit Bell

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Spirit Rope Ties
by S. W. Reilly (Sid) 1937
Added material by Ray Carlyle

Note this effect is a PDF file. See handling on PDF Page

Spirit  Messages
by George Marquis

.Note this effect is a PDF file. See handling on PDF Page

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The Cold Spot
From an idea by Lary Kuehn
By Ray Carlyle

The Haunted Key
By Carlyle

Not to be confused with my Mental Key even though the same Key is used!
This is a complete story and effect with all the material you need . . .even real smoke! !

The Spirit Music Box Movement

By Ray Carlyle



Now Made to Order - send for quote!

Spirit Seance Post Cabinet Act
By Ray Carlyle

(Drawings, instructions and full routine)

The Master Living & Dead Test
by Ray carlyle

Used by Carlyle in the Famed Houdini Seance at the Magic Castle!

Reveled by him for the first time!