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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
The Almost No Gimmick Book Test

by Carlyle
Now the effect also comes with the No Gimmick Book Test & Think Stop
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Almost No gimmick? Yes almost, just handling and a special something and really not that much handling. No there are no real slights and nothing to remember. So let’s see, almost no gimmicks, no slights, nothing to remember and just some handling. Hummm, can’t be much good if I don’t have to break my buns to do, can it?

YES and if you want you can give the books away at the end which ties it up in the minds of the audience. WOW, can this be? YES. Is it a new principle? No, just the better use, or a different use, of an old and time honored one added to other principles and my special something I've used before in other effects found elsewhere in this catalog.

So if I have your attention read on and add to your routine or show, a book test as a book test ought to be, because it's not really a book test in the general scenes of the word.

First let me say that I have never been able to understand why you need a book to have a member of your audience choose one word. Why can’t they just think of one? Isn’t the use of a book a bit of overkill? YES, it is from my way of thinking, so here we will use a whole paragraph and that will not be the only thing you do.

You set a stage for a kind of playacting where your on-stage helper is told to see his self at home alone and reading a book. His family is out and he is picking up where he left off in a book he was reading. He is further told to make pictures of what he reads, as we all do when reading a story. "It's those pictures I want to see", he is told. "So make them as clear as you can so I can see them in my mind", you say further. So you see it's pictures not words that sets this test apart.

It's about as far from a classic book test you can go and entertain your audience!
PRICE: $ 40 Complete
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