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Bargain Disc # 3
The Works of Bob Nelson
No this is not all of Bob's writings but a large group as listed below.

Some of the writings are for effects that are no longer available but are interesting reading.

One that uses his "reader" which was a box with a flashlight bulb and battery and made to look like a stack of envelopes, can be replaced with the light unit in the effect I sell called "Deluxe Brain Wave Case".

Another used his bull dog clip switcher and you can use my "New Style Ostin Clip" which is better anyway

However most are complete effect and do not need a bought prop.

Here is the list:

A Super Brain Buster by Ned Rutledge  (Nelson sold it)
Astounding Dr. A Prediction Reading
Brain Busters by Grant & Nelson
Clairviyants Master Touch
Dant's System of Life Span Readings
Do the Dead Return?
Dr. A's Simplicity Billit Switch
ESP Brain Busters
ESP Five Symbol Mental Test
Floating & Talking Sprit Face of Don Pedrito
Gyrating Tables
Interruped Spirit
Mental Stunners
Mentalists Lecture Package
Mental-O-Mystery Act
Mindreaders Billet Reader
Nelson's Mental Pad Instructions ( NCR Paper! Make your own )
Nelson's Ghost Writer
Nelson's Mental Gimic  (Use my Ostin Clip)
Psychological Reading
Secret Methods of Private Readers
Secrets of Dr. A
Sensational Effects
Supernormal Vision
Technique of a Private Reader
Tele Thought
The Art of Cold Reading
The Blacks
With the Eyes of Dr. Reese

Some of the above I've updates and tried to bring into 'todays' world. You be the judge if I made it or not!

Most of the above are scaned copies of the original pages from Bob. But a few as I said I have redone.

I can not put a todays prices though some are in my catalog and have a price. I do think that the CD is a great value and I hope if you buy it you will get many good ideas!

PRICE $ 35

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