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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
The Black Death with Tarot Cards
By Ray Carlyle
Seated with as you start a story of the middle ages. “This is the time of the Black Death, the plague. The town no longer exists so I can't tell you it's name. One by one over half of the citizens died. Those that lived moved away and so the city also died!”

With this short story you start the effect. You hold in your hand a deck of Tarot Cards. From these cards seven are removed, not shown, but laid down in a random manoron the table. You instruct your helper to mix the cards by sliding them around as you turn away. Now turning back you state, “You will the be the ‘hand of death’ and will decide who will live and who will die!”. As you say this point to two cards and ask, “Now who will live and who will die?”. Your helper points to one and that card is turned over. You state, "That may have been the butcher. Now what will the town do for meat?

Next your helper selects two cards (people) and you point to one which you turn over.
"I"Will be the Angel of life and this person will, by my decree, live." Again you talk about this person’s role in the town. He or she may have been a prominent person or maybe just a Simple soul, but a live one nonetheless.The two of you  have decided the fate ontown."The souls that lived went to another town".

With that you turn over that last card and conclude by proclaiming!,
"And so we are left with 'DEATH'!"

"Hope, of course, was the last of the Pestilences to escape Pandora's Box. Pestilence, you ask? Of course it is.
Worst of them all! The rest of them destroy you outright, but Hope shows you a chance of redemption from your sufferings before dashing you against the rocks. For there is no escape..no matter what, there always awaits Death.

The final card is turned over and is seen to be the one card of the Major Arcana, its Death!

                            "The town, itself, was a casualty of The Plague. It remains dead and desolate to this very day".

That's the story. All you need is a deck of any style of Tarot cards and the set of instructions. You provide the cards . . .I provide the story and the HOW!

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