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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
The Carlyle Symbol Challenge
BY Ray Carlyle
from an Idea by Ned Rutledge

Days before your show a celebrity is given a drawing pad, a thick envelope and a set of color marker pens such as Sharpie Brand. He is invited to draw the design of his choice in the color of his choice. He is then to fold his design and seal it into the envelope.
The envelope is kept in his care until the night of the show.

On the night of the show the performer reproduces the exact design, in the exact color’s.
No envelope switching !

No carbon impressions !

The envelope is NEVER touched by the performer !

Celebrity really does have free choice of design and color’s !

The method used is hard to figure out for the audience and the ’helper’!

All materials are easy to find! No slight of hand! This effect was a feature in the carlyle Show for severial Years!

PRICE: $20

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