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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Carlyle's Midway Dream
By Ray Carlyle
"Almost everyone enjoys the games of skill on a carnival midway," asserts the Mentalist. "Whether we're attempting to pitch pennies onto dinner plates, toss wooden rings around the necks of Coke bottles, or throw darts onto a grid of numbers to reach a high score, it's likely that the games are far more difficult to win than they appear to be."

After showing three small stuffed toys, the performer points to three spectators and has them perform the three games in their minds. Three index cards are used and the names of the three are written on the face, one on each, of the cards. The mentalist puts a number on the back without the spectators seeing that number!  Number three really pretends to play. The three cards are leaned against three 'plush' toys. The scores they think it would take to win are called out at the end by each player. When the game is over and the three cards are turned around they have each won the toy!

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