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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
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The Crazy Cube
Yes this is our old favorate the die inside a smaller container and then in a larger one.

I've added this to the Mental Magic department because I've been ask for it by customers and, well I like it!

My handling was slightly different than the instructions. I had the spectator put his number down in the smaller container and then when I turned around picked up the container with my first and second fingers, palm up and with the fingers held as a "V" griping the container just below the cap. I then said, "The cap is solid and can't be seen thru!" I then lifted it and showed the bottom saying, "Also the bottom!" and dropped it into the larger container.
Then read their mind.

P.S. I guess you know that the top and bottom of a die adds to 7 ! So whatever you see thru the red top subtract from 7 and that's the number they put in! !

It's a good starter for the young and just a neat effect to
carry around.

Price: $ 5.00