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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Carlyle's Crystals
by Ray Carlyle
These crystals are a boon to causing two surfaces to slide apart. They react much as fanning powder did on playing cards. In fact if you use cards this will replace that old powder and last 10 times longer. When applied to paper, the surface may be wiped with your hand and no feeling of a coating will be detected. In point of fact, I have applied them to the pages of a book, wiped the pages with my hand several times and it made no difference to the operation.
Unlike other powders this will standup to repeated use. The books that I have applied my crystals to have yet to not work as they did when first applied. As of this writing, I have tried to get the pages to fail over 90 times and yes they are still working. Therefore I can not tell you how long they will last. A third of an ounce is supplied in a glass bottle with a roller ball applicator. No effect is provided. Once in your position many applications will come to you or buy Hoy Outdone, listed elsewhere in this catalog.

Effects for the Crystals

This new booklet offers, as of this writing, three effects to do with the Carlyle Crystals. One titled Hoy Outdone is a book test. Living & Dead with the Crystals is as the name states a clean L&D test where there is nothing to hid or remove after you are finished. You are clean. The third is a card effect where a card is chosen, looked at by the spectator, returned to the deck.
The deck mixed and the cards ran by the spectator’s eyes while you have your head turned away. You never have to see any thing and may be done while you are really blindfolded. More effects will be added as the are written. Those that buy need only check to receive the new additions free via e-mail This booklet may be bought with or without the crystalsb

Price $30 - Effects AND Crystals

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