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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
The Cut Thru Force
EFFECT: Tis is as ingeniously deceptive, it will become one of your favorate close-up and stage effect methods for forcing a ESP or Card without the spectator being the wiser.

The envelope is printed with five (5) line. In the envelope is a sheet of paper with, in one case, ESP symbols. The spectator is instructed to cut along any line (NO FORCE) and cut the envelope in two pieces. When each piece is opened aand placed together, the symbol cut will match your prediction exactly!

That is the basic concept. Here is my approace:

The mentalist, usually pre-show, has a willing spectator chose a ESP or Playing Card in the blind or at random. The spectator is handed a paper sleeve inside he is told is a slip with five ESP symbols printed on it. As you have random slips, the order is different you say, and you don’t know which one is inside. Why? Because your wife loaded it and didn’t tell you, at your request.

Will that’s my story make up your own. At any rate you instruct him to, using the sheers you hand him, cut on any line and cut thru a symbol in the blind. You will turn your back and after the cut he is to place the two pieces, one in each of his pants pockets. After you have left he is to remove the two and open them up to see which sign or card he cut thru, remember the symbol as you will try to read his mind during the show. He cuts and hands you the sheers back as you walk away.

That’s my routine as I found it’s the safest (two pieces one in each pocket) that way the ends get turned. Here are the photos of the two available now. 

PRICE: $10 for package of 10 pieces

                                                                For ESP        

                                                                 FOR CARDS 
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