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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
The DeLand Automatic Deck
This deck is one of the oldest 'trick' decks every offered. Its the first deck I ever owned as I first got interest in magic. Yes that many years ago! I was still in grade school. This was in the late 1930's! Yes I'm that old. And it is still my favorite Deck.

For years it was thought to be a deck for kids and not really a "real magic deck" for the serious Magician or Mentalist. I beg to differ!

Years ago the back design made it stand out as we all used 'rider back' Bicycle decks. Well today it looks like it was bought at a 'Dollar Store' and made in China! So it is now the tool of the magician/mentalist, as should be!

What can you do with this deck? Well to start with its made in a very easy to read way. Not only that if its stacked in a version of the Si Stebbins order, the top card 'marking' tells you the bottom card. Yes let me give you a idea.:

You show the deck to be well mixed and lay the deck, face down, and ask the spectator to give the deck a 'cut' and complete the cut. You state that after you turn away he is to pickup the complete deck and look and remember the bottom card. He is to think of the color, then the suit and lastly the value. Now to put the deck back on the table and without turning around you tell him the color, suite and value. As you walk to the next table, at a banquet, you do a series of over hand cuts which look like a shuffle and repeat the effect.

Here's another. Do a four ace effect that is almost completely done by the spectator!

Show the deck to be mixed and remove the aces and lay them on the table. Picking them up, one at a time, the spectator tells you where to reinsert the four aces. You shuffle the deck and hand the deck to him. He is to cut the deck into four piles on the table. Now he picks up the end pile and deals three (3) cards back onto the table and then to deal a card, one each, on the top of the piles still on the table and to return the pile in his hand, to the table on top of the three cards he delt there. He is to repeat the action with the other three piles. When finished he is told to turn over the top card on each pile . . . there are the four aces!

The deck is a stripper deck which allows you to strip out and control the aces to the top of the deck!

Have you ever read the instructions for a card effect and you are told to "control the chosen card to the top using your favorate method" and you wondered "What is my favorate method? ?" Well now you have one!

But wait there's more. The backs of the cards, when stacked in the order talked about above (Si Stebbins)  the top back tells you the location of EVERY card in the deck! Yes you are ask a card, say the 10 of hearts. You reply,
"Its 20 cards from the top." or whatever the back of the top card tells you.

I offer this deck with another effect is this catalog. I offered it here for those that wanted a deck for Mentalism or Magic of their own.

PRICE: $5.50 (Only Blue Back)

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