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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
The New Deluxe Brain Wave Case
Yes I feel this is a DELUXE case! So what makes it different from the case we sold for the last two years?

Well for one thing it looks a lot more like leather!

Two, the light is an LED and not prone to burning a hole in the writing surface as the lst one did if you held on to the switch to long.

Three, because its a LED it draws a lot less power and therefore the battery will last for years and we saved having to make it rechargable. Yes this one has a long life battery that will last maybe longer than the case!

Forth, the light level is lower so that when you hold it and turn on the light very little light peeks out the sides.

Lastly, the switch is located in the lower left corner which makes handlying a lot easier.

Also my supplier is "state side" and therefor restocking is a matter of two days. If you order and we have sold out we will have more very fast.

Now as to the 'how' for those that are not familiar with the case, you ask a spectator to write or draw on the case or a post-it-note stuck to the case. He closes the case and hands it to you. In my routine, I have some rubber bands in my other hand and ask the spectator to hand me one. As he looks at the pile of bands I press the switch and see what he wrote. You have him put bands around both ends of the case.

You reveal any way you want.

I use a dry erase pen  so I don't have to carry around post-it-notes.

I Found that the outside pocket, see photo below on left, will hold some of my business cards. Writing on them with a 'sharpie' can be seen thru like a post-it-note. Nice touch!

NOTE: Rutledge effect that was given with the old case can be sent via PDF if you ask for it at the time of placing the order!

PRICE: $40

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