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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Deluxe Set
Of Thumb Writers
by Andreas Sebring
This Set contains both the Listo© and the Pencil Lead Writers . . . and the "One hand Clipboard".

This clipboard has a 'tab' on the back that allows the user to hold the board with the fingers while using the either writer in the thunb!

The kit is complete and comes with both writers giving the mentalist the option of either writer for uses closr up or stage. The Writer comes with instructional video links from Andreas in English!


Please note that the One Hand Clipboard will sell for $20 so the set is a savings of $20!
Listo Writer
Pencil Lead Writer
Back of Clipboard
Front of Clipboard
Clipboard measures  3 X 4 inches
For extra Leads for the writers or pens, open the "Supplies" section from the main options list on the left of every screen!
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