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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Die Prediction
by Joe Berg
Routine by Al Cohen
with handling by Ray Carlyle

Here is an effect that can be carried in your pocket and done anywhere!

From the mind of my late friend Joe Berg, it was later reworked by that great magician and shop owner Al Cohan of Washington D.C. The routine and ending are by Al Cohen. Al made a masterpiece of this in his shop!

This version measures about one-inch square. It comes with a standard white die and a blank die that Al used and a red cloth bag with a drawstring for safe keeping. The box is walnut or oak and stained a dark color.

The effect is this: Show the box which has a hinged lid. Inside is the die with spots/numbers. Remove the die and ask the spectator to place the die in the box with any of the six numbers facing 'down', close the box and tell you when all is done.

You turn around, pick up the box and ask the spectator to extend his hand palm up, the clean one! (This gets a little smile or laugh!). You now place the closed box on his palm. You state that you will try to have the number 'burn' into his palm! After a short wait, you have him remove the box and set it on the table or hold it if no table is available.(this part of the routine is not Al's)

Now staring at the palm you tell the number you see! Yes, that was the number! Wow!

Well, let's try it again. This time you want the spectator to put his hands behind his back. You now hand him the box and the die. He is to put the die in the box, close it and bring out the box and set it on his palm as he did the first time, except now neither of you will know the number. After a short wait, he is to set the box aside as was done the first time. You stare at his palm but you seem to be having a problem. . . no number is coming to you! Let's see what number he did put down! He opens the box and dumps out the die, but wow the die is blank! That's why you couldn't get the number! In Al's routine when he could not get the number he said to the spectator, "You didn't put the die in the box did you!" Of course, the spectator always said he did. After by play the box was opened to find the die with no spots!

As stated above you receive all the items needed. The handling is easy but does require a little practice to get the 'peek' down smoothly.

I give you two handlings. That way if you do it twice for the same group you stand a better chance of not being 'burned'!

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