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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Dr. Q's Sight Unseen
or The Real Blindfold Ey
e Act
This act was originally sold by Thayer Magic Studio in Los Angles. Long since out of print and never copyrighted by anyone else, I felt that it should not be lost to the Mentalism art. Yes, it's the "Down-the-nose" peek, but it shows the right way to do the blindfold. It also shows the way to set up the stage and how to use the spectators that you ask to assist you on stage.

After the bandages and tapes are applied what do you do? I have added things to do from my experience in the art for over 50 years.

Many a performer owes his success to this act because this is where they started. One I can name because I taught him, is Glenn Falkenstein. I have added a whole page of ways to read and do a Q&A act using this blindfold and the Hull Tent Card.
PRICE: $10
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