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Gyrating Tables
By Bob Nelson
An excerpt from the opening page.:

"Table tipping and table lifting have long been a most interesting pastime, as well as one of the spirit medium's best tricks. The various methods such as balsam wood tables, hook, threads, and rods for this form of trickery, will not be considered.

It is possible to do table tipping legitimately using only an ordinary table and four legitimate spectators. Psychology and the power of suggestion are the motivating factors, however.

Use any table with sturdy legs though card tables are NOT recommended because of their flimsy structure. The tables can be small or range up to heavy dining tables. A medium sized table is best. Select any four spectators who are genuinely interested in participating in the experiment. They must be sincere and desirous of seeing the experiment succeed.

The spectators may stand or be seated in chairs, one to each side of the table. They are instructed to place the palms of their hands on the tabletop with fingers outstretched. The little finger of each hand should contact the little finger of the person to the left and right. The hands of each spectator are not together, but make contact with their neighbors."

The Nelson instructions are as complete as you will find. Eddie Joseph's book, now also out of print, was the only other book I know of covering the subject.

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