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Half Track II
by Christopher Taylor
Chris has allowed me to add his effect to my catalog. Chris makes and packages these and ships there to me.

Two spectators are ask to join you at a table. A deck of cards is shown to be well mixed (there are) and the deck cut in half. Each helper is given half the deck and ask to mix or shuffle their half. They then look thru their cards and pick out one card which they remove and give the the other helper. The helpers now mix their cards again.

The helpers give their cards to the Mentalist who now mixes the cards together! The mentalist now will try to detect the two cards exchanged by the helpes because, he states, the cards will have a memory of the helper.

The mentalist starts to deal the cards onto the table not even looking at the cards. He detects a card and lays it in front of a helper and continues to deal. Again he dectects a card and lays it in front of the other helper.

Now he lookes at the cards and states, " Oh sorry these really should be yours!" and with that picks up the cards and switchs giving them to the other helper. Now with the cards, laying in front of the helpers, they look at the cards and see that they are the cards they had originally chosen before switching.

Comes with the special deck that can he used for many other effects!

NO there are no markings on the back to tell you the value or suit of the cards . . . they are not a "marked" deck.
You can use them as a regular deck fo other card effects

Here is a hyper link to watch this effect in action - 
Please note that the Half Track shown on his site at less money is only a PDF file and does not come complete with the special deck of  playing Cards!
Go to The Christopher Taylor to see more of his wonderful effect! http://taylorimagineering.com/

PRICE: $35

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