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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
The Mass Thought
By Jules Lenier & Ray Carlyle
Please note that there are knock-offs of this Effect, but this is Julie's effect. I have added a little Carlyle Touch!
The Mentalist tells the audiece that he/she will attempt something he has never done before - receive eleven thoughts at one time!

This is a playing card effect!


A note is writen by the Mentalist and placed in the coat or shirt pocket of a spectator. The business that makes it different is that the deck is divided amoung foue 'helpers' to mix. From the reassambled deck another helper counts off eleven cards and he, at the Mentalist instruction, gives them to eleven spectators in the BACK of the audience.

The Eleven stand and all send the value and suit, with their minds, to the Mentalist at once. As he calles off the cards they sit down. When there are two still standing the Mentalist states that there is one of the two holding a Court Card and he says the card! The spectator sits!

The Mentalist then ask the first spectator to remove and read the note he has in his pocket. To read it out loud! !

"The last person standing will hold the 2 of CLubs!" (or whatever card you decide!) And the note is correct! !

No slight of hand! Yes you had to follow a routine, but the effect of the audience is great. I used it somethines as a closer and it has served he well over the years!

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