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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Real Smoke From The Fingers
This is NOT that 'sticky' stuff from a tube sold in magic or novelty shops! No, this is real smoke and it is not produced by any electronic device!

Yes this is the way it was done years ago and long not available!

Yes there is fire involved so it is NOT for sale to minors! You must be over 18 to buy!

There are warnings on just how to use the material and if used as directed there is no danger at all.
The fire is only in the preparation of the effect and not in the use. That is to say that during the show no flame or fire is used at all!

It is safe to use anywhere and there are no restrictions! Nor is there any harm to you or your audience when used as directed!.

Having said all that here is what the audience sees:

In my case I use a metal Key for one effect. The item is held at the finger tips and smoke rises from a point where the thumb and finger meet ( see photo below ).

You can also just rub your fingers together and smoke will appear as in the photo, but to what effect? Without an item such as a nail or key etc. there is no effect. . . just producing smoke! ! !

omes with enough material for many shows. For more you simply buy a re-fill and at that price we feel that is not a problem!

Does NOT come with an effect!

PRICE: $1.50 for 4 sheets with instructions for use.

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