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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
A Super Brain Buster
by Ned Rutludge
From the mind the great thinker, Ned Rutledge came to this full effect. I say fully because some would have stopped with just reading a word or number or whatever thru an envelope! But not Ned!

Ned was a close and dear friend in his last 10 years. I sat on his front porch in Hanover, PA for hours and soaked up the thinking from his great mind.

In the early 60's Ned put out his "Unusuals" for which he became known to the Mentalist profession. It was in buying these that we first became friends.

This work predates those and was given to Bob Nelson and so I have chosen to update and include it in this collections of Nelson material.

Though Bob rewrote the instructions to try to sell one of his products, it no longer needs a piece of equipment.

It is a full and complete effect and a presentation piece.

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