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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Yes its a commercial item, but just think of doing a switch in your breast pocket and you never learned how! That's Right! Just put the envelope in the breast pocket and ITS DONE! Right in front the audience! You almost have to see it to believe it but I'm here to tell you that is what the audience see!
There are lots of other effects where the switch is needed.

One from the UK is where you have three business cards and you say there is something written on the back of each. The spectator choses one and you pick up the other two and say, " Just put your card in your breast pocket." he does and you now have two other cards. Any effect where a switch is necessary can be done with the Switch-A-Roo.
That effect comes with the Switch-A-Roo at no extra cost!
Its very well made of hard plastic and will last for years!
Business cards, Coin envelopes and Playing Cards may be used.
Price: $18
NO LONGER MADE! Don't know if I CAN FIND MORE! Discontinued for now!
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