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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
The Third Eye
by J.G. Thompson Jr. & Stanly Jaks
There have been peek envelopes of all kinds as long as there have been Mentalist. Some with 'windows cut out of the front. This has always presented a problem hiding the 'hole' or 'window'. . . until NOW!

Yes J.G Thompson Jr., the man who wrote "My Best" came up with an answer and a good one. It took Stanly Jaks, of peek wallet fame, to come up with a know-out ending or 'clean-up'! And boy did the together!

So what makes this envelope different? To start you show the inside empty except for one business card which you remove letting the spectator see the whole inside while removing the card. He writes on the blank of your card while you turn away. At the start the flap was tucked in so as he writes or draws a picture and you are turned away, you pull the flap out. With the card turned over so you can't see the writing or drawing, you insert the card and the flap is sealed. The envelope is laid on a table and you write your or his name and pick it up while folding it in half with one hand and then into quarters (Jaks ending). now the folded envelope is laid on the spectator's open hand. He closes his hand and you answer the question or take up a pad and draw the picture.

Yes its that clean, simple and easy! All moves are easy with no slight-of-hand. Yes there are angles behind you as you see the information, that is the only draw back.

PRICE: $15

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