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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Thought To Picture
By Ray Carlyle
If you want to use the VIP at a banquet or other affair, this is the effect for you. It a kind of design dupe effect. However in this effect only you do the drawing. The spectator simply 'thinks' of the picture.

Here is what the audience sees. The VIP is handed a 'zip-loc' bag with colored slips inside. The VIP is ask to select a number from the bag. This done the VIP calls out the number. In the mean time the Mentalist has taken the bag, closed it and laid it aside. No one answers! You make some comment such as, " I guees they had a call of nature!" and hand the bag back for the VIP to reopen and reach inside and pick out another number. That number called the person replies and comes on stage. The VIP is thanked and the new spectator is asked if they have a object in mind. Yes they do. They think and you draw. When ask if what you have drawn is what they had in mind the reply is Yes.

That is the effect. What has happened is that the spectator is asked before the show to help. She is told that several have been ask and that each will have a number and that the choise will be made by a drawing done by the VIP. A stack of file cards are shown each having a the name of an object i.e. tree, house, car etc. She selects a card from a face down pile and returns it to the pile which is then mixed. She is then asked to select a number from a pile of number cards and to remember her number.

That's the effect. You receive a Working Mentalist Forcing Bag and fill instructions. The bag its self is worth $45. And a stack of blank filing cards and a Sharpie Pen so you can make up the cards you want and the number cards.

PRICE: $55

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