©  2018
Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Thumb Writer
Listo Type
By Ray Carlyle
This is a Listo © style thumb writer that can be used instead of the Sharpie© Pens. Sharpie or other 'ink' types have one drawback, they 'bleed' through when they are used on material that is not thick enough. They also tend to get on your fingers leaving colored stains. The leads used in this writer are from a group of pens or pencils called "China Markers".

They are somewhat soft and write big, bold and with ease. That let's the "written word" or "drawing" be seen from a distance. They can be used close up if the performer takes the proper care. I have used it in small close up groups with a pad that opens from the top. That is one that flips up to open.
The can is used in the routine as a method of getting the writer on in the quickest fashion. It has cotton at the bottom of the can to hold the writer in position. It also keeps the leads from breaking. When closed it is used to store the writer.

The kit comes complete with everything you need to start right away. Nothing else to buy with:
The Listo Pen - The Writer flesh painted - A razor blade for cutting to length, the new lead - A can/container with Velcro© stuck around as seen in picture - A strip of Velcro for sticking inside a coat pocket (it has strong adhesive or can be sewn in place) - Four replacements leads, two (4) black for the pen and the writer and a flip up pad.

The leads and the pen should out live or last you, but should you run out of leads or the pen should become inoperative, Additional leads or pen may be bought from us or from Listo on their web site.
Note: For a New Effect for the Writer see the PDF page, "For Those That Don't Believe"


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