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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
What's In a Name?
By Ross Johnson & Ray Carlyle
Ross has given me permission to write up his effect based on the working of an effect by Ned Rutledge called “Voice Print”. His effect was shown on his lecture given by Penguin Magic. I have tried to write the effect as Ross performed it on that video.

To start the mentalist asks a spectator, before the show, to help in this effect. He will later tell the audience what has taken place before the show.

What he did was ask the lady to write her mother's first name on a card on which he has drawn five lines and placed a number in front of each line. She is to then write four other women's names in the remaining lines so than when viewed it would appear as a list of five women's names. All this writing is done with the Mentalist back turned away. She then places the card in and envelope and writes mother on the outside. The same is followed with her father's name and four mens names. It is also placed in an envelope on which she writes "Father".

On stage the Mentalist tells the audience what they did before the show. The lady stands and brings the Mother envelope to the Mentalist. She is told he will read the names of the women and she is to answer to the question, "Is that your mother's name?". She is to say "NO" each time. The Mentalist tells her when she lied! Now the envelope with the Father name is handed by the lady to a stranger in the audience. He is to, when told, read off the men's names. However this time the lady is to NOT say anything out loud! She is to THINK YES. The Mentalist asks the stranger to read one name and the Mentalist waits. If he receives a the thought from the lady he stops and tells that he received the thought YES. If not the stranger keeps reading off names one at a time as the Mentalist tells him. He receives a thought YES!. He asks the lady if that is her father's name and she says Yes!

There is a second routine by Carlyle where the lady and both cards stay in the audience and the fathers card, as in Ross's routine, is read by a stranger in the audience.

Things to remember. The cards are written by the lady. In Ross's and Carlyle's routins the Father Card is kept in the audience. There are no Stooges. All cards and envelopes may be kept by the lady. Remember you used the back of your business cards so she has the method of contacting you for a show.

You receive everything you need except your business cards and coin envelopes.

PRICE: $ 45

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