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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Working Mentalist Force Bag
by Ray Carlyle
The bag is the ultimate in see-through forcing bags. Here the difference is the fact that it looks like something you would get from your kitchen. The bag is made of Zip-Loc freezer bags and still has the Zip-Loc name on the front. Included with the instructions is a new type of book test that lets you reveal a whole paragraph as the spectator is reading it to himself.

The big plus is the fact that the spectator may open the bag and remove the forced slip all by himself, as the front compartment seals itself when you close the bag. The bag has many other uses. Carlyle has used it in his Butter Tub headline prediction listed elsewhere in this catalog.

The bags have been praised by top working mentalists such as Marc Salem of Mind Games fame. In the photo on the preciding page, can you tell which colored slips are in the front compartment and which are in the back? A very deceptive piece of apparatus.

The New Working Mentalist Forcing Bag comes complete, Ready for you to apply the glue. And ready to be used, with special glue and colored papers ready for your page numbers.

All bags come with the standard instructions with the standard 2-way. Additional ideas are included with the 3-way bags.

Standard  2 WAY
Sandard 3 WAY

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