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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
X-Ray Eye Act
By Robert Nelson & Ray Carlyle
"Originated many years ago by Shireen, THE GIRL WITH THE X-RAY EYES-a sensational headline act on leading vaudeville circuits. This act was later popularized by many performers under such titles as "Super Sensitive Finger Tips:' "Seeing with the Fingers;' etc. A fine, complete act for stage, club or private entertainment.
Puzzling in nature, sensational in effect, and of undetectable qualities is the X-Ray Eye Act. Large wads of cotton are placed over the medium's eyes, completely shutting out sight, these held in place by strips of 1-1/2- inch adhesive tape. Over this is tightly tied a heavy bandage. Despite this unquestionable handicap, the performer carries out any number of various tests, proving her ability to see through material obstacles. Various obstructions are placed about the stage. However, she dances freely among them, picks our colors, numbers, cards, and many other stage tests. Finally, the performer goes into the audience and completely describes spectators or objects handed her as freely as if she had normal use of her eyes. The opportunities of this act are many. It's decidedly different and novel. Presented any place at any time by two people. Little practice required, ordinary properties used with explicit instructions, drawings and lecture."

The above was taken from my copy of the Nelson Catalog. Bob's wife Betty sold me the effect after Bob passed away. TrickShop.com put out anunauthorized copy which I bought to see what they had done. Since as usual they just copy old stuff I'm not worried as this is updated and very different.

1- You will find how to apply coins as well as cotton.
2- You find out how to go into the audience without a person guiding you! And much more!

I taught Glenn Falkenstein to do a version and created his act for him. The rest is history!

You will find that this is a good place to start and even put together an act using a blindfold! Enjoy!

Ray Carlyle

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